What is Career Counseling and its Importance in the Post Covid Era?

Career Counseling is an essential practice that evolves around the subject of a person’s future. The presence of a person plays a vital role in deciding the future. However, since the Covid outbreak that has had the whole world on its knees, it has totally disrupted the employment opportunities which otherwise were struggling even pre-Covid, particularly in India.

What is Career Counseling and its Importance

What is Career Counseling and its Importance

While everyone is yet to recover from the virus’s devasting effects and the uncertainty about its spread in the form of multiple waves, human life nevertheless has to keep going. The situation has cropped up many issues and the major one being about employment.

Teens and adults alike are in a puzzling spot. Among these, some may have just finished up with their studies and gearing themselves to enter the job market or those who were already employed but lost their respective jobs. The absolute obvious question thereafter is,

What next’? That’s where a Career counselor comes to the rescue. Although, one would always prefer to take the opinion of their close ones such as their parents, friends or relatives and that’s not wrong in anyway. The actual problem though is this — The expertise and knowledge that they try to present might not suffice with that of a Career counsellor.

And then we are faced with another question — What makes the profession of a Career counsellor distinct? A Career counselor is trained particularly to tackle the confusion in this domain. They are aware of the vast opportunities one can choose from and also explain the challenges they will have to face. The counselor is an expert who analyses the strengths and weaknesses of a person followed by tested assessment methods to come up with a satisfactory evaluation.

In our society, we are always told that only professions such as Doctors, Engineers, and a handful of others provide a fruitful career. But in reality, the options are so vast that one would be surprised once they are aware of it! So, an individual who is well versed with technology is being pushed through to pursue medicine, will less likely cherish his/her profession.

However, one should keep in mind that just because the person is skilled in a particular area doesn’t have to necessarily align with his interests. Similarily, there are various other parameters to accurately measure the person’s personality.

A career counsellor’s task is to guide you in the direction that is certain to help you but the individual too is obliged to work accordingly. Any counsellor doesn’t absolutely decorate the future as per expectation but they can surely tap on the potential. Many are facing psychological difficulties, economic hardships, and psychiatric disorders to name a few due to the mess that Coronavirus has left behind.

It’s not easy to find a counsellor who can guide you in the right path for a number of reasons. A career counselor must be certified from a recognized training institute.

An expert with years of experience in this domain should be preferable. It’s always in your good interest do to thoroughly research about the particular career counselling service you are planning to avail service of. Turning Point Counseling Services has engineered the lives of thousands of students who were confronted with career-related doubts and confusions but eventually were able to discover their paths.

Banking on good word of mouth by our clients, we also have successfully been able to counsel the son of a former cricketer. If you are in the same spot as the million others, we might be able to assist you address your career queries.