How to Stop Procrastinating | Best Tips in 2022

How often do you find yourself blaming for being lazy? Mom asked you to clean up the shelves but you didn’t seem to bother. You had to take a haircut at your nearby barbershop but the delay has been stretched for almost two weeks now. Your friends have been eagerly wanting you to join their get-together but they’ve been slapped with endless excuses from your side. People around you for sure will label you as a lazy fellow. But what if we told you that it isn’t the case always?

Procrastinating and being lazy are two different things. When you are lazy, you are not interested in doing a particular thing whereas when you are procrastinating, you are prioritizing a task that you like over something that’s important. You prefer to play a battleground game rather than completing your assignment that is due tomorrow. But continuing this habit over time can cause many problems that can also harm your self-esteem. Feeling demotivated, guilty, etc. can trigger depression that follows up with other problems in your life. To tackle this, we’ve come up with a few tips that you can adopt which will be covered in this blog post. So, let’s proceed without procrastinating.

  • A reminder that Procrastination can be Tackled:

The very first thing you need to do is tell yourself that you can overcome procrastination and that this isn’t impossible to achieve. A positive mindset is required to get a task done. If you are frustrated or upset, it will become harder for you to get a headstart. Once you realise that you are in the right mindset, you can begin chalking out the strategies that will help you come out of this seemingly never-ending loop.

  • Set Achievable Dream Goals:

All of us like to dream about things that fascinate our mind and soul. Some dreams can be achieved considering a lot of things whereas some need a lot of work which won’t be easy. It’s important that the goals you’ve set for yourselves can be achieved keeping in mind the aspects of your life such as financial position, your skills, etc.  Setting unrealistic goals could hamper your productivity.

  • Alter your Environment:

The environment around you influences your motivation to be productive in several ways. There could be potential distractions blocking your ability to get going with your chores. Choose a spot like a coffee shop or a garden where you can complete your tasks such as assignments, studies, etc. You can also turn off your social media notifications which can be tempting. The same goes for other devices such as your laptop or television set.

  • Take Initial Baby Steps:

Not every task needs to be finished in one go. You can have intervals set between every section. It’s necessary that you give yourself some break as it could get tedious and tiring. Not only that, that could pull you into the procrastination ditch that you are trying to desperately come out of. Yes, there might be delays or it could get slower but at least it’s getting done. Something is better than Nothing! Right?

  • Explore the UnExplored:

The only time you’ve been on an explore quest and that also just at a nearby tourist spot, you are missing out on something big that could be discovering your hidden interests. This could also help to exploit the anti-procrastination bug inside you. You can look around and observe what people are doing as part of their hobbies and passions and you could possibly tap into those cultivating them inside you.

  • Don’t Chase Perfectionism:

We all desire to be perfect in one way or the other and there’s nothing wrong with that if one has a zeal for it. On a side note, don’t hypnotise yourself into believing that’s the reality. Yes, perfectionism exists but that depends on several things and circumstances of one’s life which is different for everyone. Just because your friend is good at skill X and you couldn’t perform better than him, doesn’t mean you fared poorly. It just means, you gave your best despite the circumstances that are disadvantageous to you.

We guess, the important tips to tackle procrastination have been covered extensively and would help you overcome this problem. If you are looking for a much easier option, then Turning Point Counseling Services is the right place for you. We offer Career Counseling that will take care of all your worries and will eventually pave a great roadmap for a delightful Career you deserve.